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Together Now

Ken Pickering

ISBN 0 9537770 1 4


20 short duologues.? The collection of short scenes for a wide age range of performers includes extracts from Ken Pickering's longer works together with new original pieces. The variety of experiences explored are those which we can all easily identify with such as an awkward situation, 'You Tell Her', and the journey of self knowledge in 'Gilgamesh' whilst pieces such as 'Mobile Phones', 'Sales' and 'Food' observe realistic situations in an interesting and perceptive way. Other duologues are based on well-known stories including Snow White and Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.

Each piece has a brief background description and acting notes and the scenes have syllabus recommendation for a number of examination boards and a wide variety of theatrical and school use for key stages 2-4.

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