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Preparing for your Diploma in Drama and Speech

Kirsty N Findlay & Ken Pickering

ISBN 1 904557 11 2


The majority of concerns about diplomas relate to the selection of suitable material and the writing of a 'report', 'proposal', 'dissertation' or 'thesis'. If you need guidance in a readable and accessible form to support syllabus work this is the book for you. Sound advice is given about preparing for performer's and teaching diplomas. Easy to follow topics include taking practical examinations, answering written papers, shaping, writing and editing a thesis, academic referencing and structuring a bibliography. Kirsty N Findlay and Ken Pickering have a wealth of experience in providing support for students and teachers and have written in an informal style that establishes an immediate dialogue with the reader.

This handbook is a must for anyone following a Drama and Speech course. It is designed to support students by providing accessible and practical advice for?anyone working towards any examination in Drama, Speech, communication or the performing Arts.

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