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Effective Communication

John Caputo, Jo Palossari & Ken Pickering

ISBN 1 904557 13 9


'Communication' embraces a wide range of situations including the skills of public speaking, debating, discussing, listening, counselling, mediating, negotiating and marketing. This comprehensive handbook is for anyone who cares about good oral communication through the medium of the English language. It will be particularly useful to those who are undertaking assessment or an examination in communication or public speaking. Each section suggests how it can be used best as some readers may wish to focus only on particular communication aspects like interpersonal skills or language and sound. Methods of effective communication are explored in a wide range of contexts and the reader is invited to participate in a programme of self-development. The book is also extremely useful for those who acquiring English as an additional language.

This handbook is primarily designed to support students and teachers by providing accessible and practical advice for anyone working towards any examination in Speech or?Communication.

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