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Musical Plays
Introducing Oscar
The Selfish Giant
The Happy Prince

Veronica Bennetts

ISBN 0 9537770 3 0


2 Musical plays of Oscar Wilde's timeless and well-loved?stories for children, 'The Selfish Giant' and 'The Happy Prince'. The original dialogue, lyrics and music can be adapted and modified according to the needs of the pupils and individual schools or drama groups. The Selfish Giant runs for 25 minutes and The Happy Prince for 1 hour 15 minutes. Both musicals can be used for Trinity Guildhall examinations and are ideal for end of term productions and easily adapted or modified to suit the needs and abilities of individual pupils, schools or drama groups and large mixed age classes. Both musical plays can be produced very simply without sets, with modern dress and few props or as lavish full-scale productions with traditional sets and costumes. Alternatively either can be performed as a choral work with spoken lines and not staged.

There are two musical plays in the book with the score.

Amateur performance licences are available from Dramatic Lines on request and cost ?18.00 per performance.? Applications for professional performance licences must be made in advance before rehearsals begin.

Cast requirements:


  • The Selfish Giant -
    minimum cast of 8 or a large cast of any size (29 speaking?parts) ??????????????????????????????????????
  • The Happy Prince -
    minimum cast of 8 or a large cast of any size (31 speaking parts)

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Performance licences are available from Dramatic Lines on request.

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