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FX Faces



Horrible Hag, Dracula, Fantastic Fish, Pirates, Brainy Alien or Three-eyed Ghoul?

FX Faces, Special Effects Face Painting shows you how to create amazing special effects and designs using simple special-effect techniques in an interesting and fun way. Learn how to make false skin and employ simple theatrical make-up techniques using water based make-up and materials to create a world of weird and wonderful fantasy characters for the stage, carnivals, Halloween, parties, dressing-up, fund-raising events? or just for fun!

Easy instructions are given to create: Witch, Monster, Grandad, Count Dracula and Bride and Dracula?s Companion, Horrible Hag, Boily Face, Pirates, Fantastic Fish, Wizard, Mad Scientist, Brainy Aliens, Flaky Face, Three-Eyed Ghoul.

  • Age a face and hands
  • Apply special-effects wax to make boils
  • Make false noses and eyes
  • Use cr?pe hair and wigs and change hair
  • Create wounds and scars
  • Easy-to-follow guide to materials and techniques and step-by-step instructions how to use easily applied water-based make-up and??? materials that wash off easily with soap and water

  • Step?by-step full-colour photographs illustrate each make-up design

  • Helpful tips for each make-up design

???????Simple written suggestions are provided for easy-to-make or easy-to

? ?find effective cheap costumes and accessories for various characters

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