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Monologues / Duologues
Shakespeare the Rewrites

Claire Jones

ISBN 0 9522224 8 5


A collection of 31 short monologues and duologues of female roles?with scenes taken from rewrites of Shakespeare plays dating from 1670 to the present day. These various fascinating and diverse works have been written by playwrights who have added acts and scenes, axed or created characters, devised entirely new plots using the original characters, added prequels and sequels or satisfied their own very personal ideas about production.

This material is fresh and unusual and will provide exciting new audition and examination material for female players with the inclusion of scenes from Restoration, Victorian and modern versions of Shakespeare's plays. Comparisons with the original text are fascinating and this book will provide a useful contribution to Theatre Study work from GCSE to beyond "A" level.

Contributors include James Thurber (Macbeth) Arnold Wesker (Merchant of Venice) and Peter Ustinov (Romanoff and Juliet). The collection includes a most unusual Japanese version of Hamlet.

There are twenty-four monologues and seven duologues in the book.

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