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Hard Boiled
and other brief encounters

Joseph McNair Stover

ISBN 1 904557 17 1


5 Original scenes.? Following the success of Jelly Beans American writer Joseph McNair Stover has written a second book of scenes in his distinctive and quirky style - introducing characters such as a 1930's private investigator, strangers in a park and characters without names in three 20 minute scenes,?and sisters and a mailman in ten minute scenes.

Minimal use of sets and props makes Hard Boiled ideal for group acting examinations and situations, classroom drama, assemblies, and a wide variety of additional theatrical applications too.?

The?scenes focus on young peoples relationships and are suitable for students of eleven through to adult.?

Cast requirements:

  • Hard Boiled?-?4 male, 1 female
  • Return To Sender?- 1 male (plus a disembodied male voice)?
  • Last Rights?- 2 female
  • The Town to Town Girl - 3 male, 2 female (plus?girls voices)
  • Turns - 4 male, 3 female?


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