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Musical Plays
Advent Journey

Ken Pickering

ISBN 1 904557 18 X


An unusual Christmas musical show featuring an Advent Calendar with characters and objects appearing from the windows.? Advent Journey is based on an original idea by Irene Pickering and takes the form of a journey towards the light at Bethlehem in an otherwise dark world.?The play with a running time of approximately 45 minutes can be staged in almost any space without a set and simple props, or a formal set with lavish costumes.?Casting is flexible with almost all parts played by either sex.?The option to add or double-up, with opportunity to redistribute lines, and use additional musicians and dancers, makes it an ideal Primary School, Drama?School?or Church Christmas production performed by a class, mixed age cast or by adults for an audience of children.?

Denny Smith wrote the incidental music and 8 songs included in the book.

Cast requirements:?29?parts or a large cast of any size

Amateur performance licences are available from Dramatic Lines on request and cost ?18.00 per performance.?Applications for professional performance licences must be made in advance before rehearsals begin.

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