First Faces

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See how to turn yourself or your friend into a happy clown, a mighty dinosaur or a delicate butterfly.

First faces, step-by-step face-painting for beginners is packed with a host of fabulous simple face-painting ideas for young children to paint for fancy dress, stage productions in school or dressing-up just for fun. The designs range from simple and quick clowns to a variety of painted-on shoes and socks and jewellery. When children follow a few simple steps they’ll soon be able to paint wonderful faces every time. Very young children will need adult supervision and the age and skill of the individual will dictate the final results? but painting their own faces or faces of friends is always fantastic fun! This book is equally of use to teenagers and adults who want to start face-painting or who might be looking for ideas for painting faces of young children at nursery or school fairs for example.

Easy instructions are given to paint: Crazy Clowns, Teddy Bear, Rabbit, Spotted Dog, Monster, Devil, Snow Queen, Butterfly, Garden Gnome, Dangerous Dinos, Tiger, Parrot, Tattoos and Face Scenes, Hand and Foot Decoration, Cuts and Bruises and Doodles.

25 fantastic face-painting designs including lots of fun ideas for painting hands, arms, legs and toes for younger children to paint and wear


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