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Lovable pets, favourites, jungle beasts, forest friends and bugs and bees.

Snazaroo Zoo, great faces and easy costumes to bring out the animal in you is packed with fabulous simple face-painting and costume designs for a wide variety of animals. See how easily you can create a world of fantasy creatures for the stage, carnivals, fancy-dress and themed parties using water based make-up that washes off easily with soap and water, teamed with creative costumes. Many of these simple and quick-to-paint animal face designs stand on their own and are extremely useful for face-painting fund raising events.

Easy instructions are given to make: Cat, Dalmation, Rabbit, Skunk, Chimp, Lion, Elephant with trunk, Tiger, Panda, Turtle, Penguin, Owl, Fruit Bat, Butterfly, Bumblebee, Ladybird, Tarantula, and even a prehistoric Stegosaurus. So this book is particularly useful for teachers and helpers asked to provide costumes for school productions featuring animals that would seem difficult and expensive to make like pairs of animals for Noah’s Ark, for example.

Fantastic animals from insects to dinosaurs that any child will want to become.
Unique disguises created with rich colours and shown in full colour step-by-step photographs illustrate each face and costume
Simple instructions and patterns are provided for easy-to-make creative all-over costumes that start with a sweat suit or one-piece jumpsuit * enhanced by sandwich-board tunics, shells, wings and easy-to-make accessories

* purchased or made using the pattern provided
Introduction and very useful General Instructions on all aspects of the costumes and a Glossary.
Step-by-step instructions and pictures. How to Paint the Face are provided with. You Will Need list of materials required, step-by-step illustrated How to Make the Costume and How to act like . . . . mime suggestions for each animal


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