Wild Faces

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From lions, tigers, monkeys and birds to puppies, kittens and mice.

Wild Faces, animal face-painting is packed with a host of fabulous face-painting ideas and motifs for faces. See how to create animal markings, scales, and impressions of fur with this book that concentrates on detailed animal faces. You can create a world of fantasy animal characters for the stage, carnivals, parties, fancy-dress and fund-raising activities such as face-painting at school fairs and fetes using simple theatrical make-up techniques achieved using water based make-up.

All children, especially younger ones, love having their faces painted as puppies, kittens or mice. These are easy designs to start when you are new to face-painting and useful for more experienced face-painters working at fund-raising events. Find out how to paint these as well as jungle animals and exotic birds, creepy crawlies, frogs and lizards.

Easy instructions are given to paint: Dizzy Dog, Patch, Pink Rabbit, Cheeky Mouse, Party Mouse, Tawny Cat, Wild Cat, Pink Cat, Blue Cat, Golden Lion, Little Tiger, Sabre-Tooth Tiger, Snow Leopard, Zebra face and body, Giraffe, Panda, Teddies, Brown Bear, White-Faced Monkey, Baboon, Fluffy Duck, Red Parrot, Peacock, Pink Bird, Green Frog, Terrible Lizard, and Cockerel, Pig, Lamb, Scorpion, Spider, Tropical Fish, Flamingo, Crab and Dolphin Motifs, and Honeycomb, Bumblebee, Pink Butterfly and Blue Butterfly Designs.

Paint feathers and fur
Paint spots and stripes
Paint beaks and bills
Paint noses and eyes
40 fantastic animal face designs for children of all ages
Step by-step full-colour photographs illustrate each make-up design
Introduction to face painting and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions how to use easy to apply water-based make-up and
materials that washes off easily with soap and water
* You will find instructions for creative easy-to-make animal costumes? in Snazaroo Zoo Face-Painting which lays emphasis on costume and?has faces painted in a simple flat cartoon-like style.


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